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Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization designed to facilitate young people who have a desire to work in the Entertainment Industry. We offer programs that are structured to improve, develop and cultivate their God given gifts and talents; by encouraging authentic collaboration to produce professional movies, music, stage plays, videos, television shows and/or web series.

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By January 14, 2018

“THE RAYS” (Working Title)

By- Writer/Actor/Producer ~ DeAnna Brown

Coming March 2019

The Rays have a "generational living situation" that has reawakened their family’s dysFUNction! Unconditional love and forgiveness allow The Rays to emerge victorious, while dealing with mental health issues, parental abandonment, and running a professional business establishment!


Uncle Samuel 35-45 year old African-American male. Professional salesman type, serious but quick-witted, voice of reason

TaPraisyaweh 24 year old African-American female "Upscale" ghetto granddaughter of Granny Ray, illegal entrepreneur, and mother of 3

*Sides for: Uncle Samuel & TaPraisyaweh

Granny Emma 65 -75 year old African-American Mother of Nikki, Samuel and Ri’Ta. She’s a former Def Poetry Jam Artist, who now suffers from Alzheimer, and Dementia.

*Sides for Granny Emma

Willy Day 25-55 Open Ethnicity male Smooth ladies man, Jazz musician type (no playing required)

*Sides for Willy Day

Pastor Tammy 30-55 year old Open Ethnicity female “bring down the house” singer/actress

*Sides for Pastor Tammy

Please submit all auditions to:

By January 14, 2018


Audition notices coming soon!

What is Love?

Independent/Student/Studio: Independent 

Production Type: Short Film

Production Location: San Antonio, TX


Production Start Date: 11/24/2017

Production Wrap Date: 11/25/2017

Production Schedule: 2 Day Shoot


Producer(s): DeAnna Brown, Andrew Jacobi Jeter

Director(s): Andrew Jacobi Jeter 

Writer(s): DeAnna Brown


Synopsis: Our story explores the question of What is Love? One teenage student Julia, is having some difficulties with her boyfriend, but doesn’t identify his actions as abuse. Friends are concerned about her relationship, so they take the matter to a trusted teacher Ms. T who takes time to discuss the issue. In the locker room Coach Mack’s has an announcement that is meant to inform the boys of this serious situation; instead a fight breaks out. The day ends with an assembly addressing Domestic Violence.


Character Breakdowns:

DANIELLE (Female, 17, Any Ethnicity) a thoughtful yet overzealous teenage girl who has experienced a terrible situation but she has found peace and strength through her relationship with Christ.


JULIA (Female, 15, Any Ethnicity) very pretty and insecure teenager who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, and doesn’t realize that his behavior is inappropriate.


LISA (Female, 14, Any Ethnicity) feisty sort of a know it all busy body, but she is genuinely concerned about Julia’s situation. 


SMILEY (Male, 17, Any Ethnicity) pretty slimy dude. He has a natural grin. He loves Julia and thinks he’s doing right by her. His doesn’t have a clue that his behavior is abusive. This is the way his Dad treats all his girlfriends.


TONY (Male, 15, Any Ethnicity) wise cracking guy, just wants to stir up trouble. He’s clueless about the serious issue of abuse. 


CARL (Male, 14, Any Ethnicity) level headed guy, friends with every clique, self confident and aware of the social and political climate.


DANNY(Male, 15, Any Ethnicity) quiet husky guy, Football player, Danielle’s younger brother 


MS. T. (Female, 20s to 30s, Any Ethnicity) cool contemporary teacher, whom all the students admire. She is witty, animated and friendly; the students respect her advice and often seek her guidance. 


COACH MACK (Male, 20s to 30s, Any Ethnicity) young 1st day coaching at this new school, nonchalant, simply concerned about doing his job 


GUEST SPEAKER (Female, 20s to 40s, Any Ethnicity) dynamic, captivating speaker at the National Domestic Violence Awareness Assembly


EXTRAS (non speaking)

Teen Students (Male/Female, Teens, Any Ethnicity) Additional students who attend the charter school.


Faculty (Male/Female, 30s-60s, Any Ethnicity) attending the assembly 


Audition Date: Video Submission 

Audition Start Time: 10/25/2017 12:00am

Audition End Time: 11/10/2017 12:00am


Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid

Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, IMDb Credit

Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Snacks and Beverages

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:

Submissions will be accepted until 11/10/2017.