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Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center Inc

Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization designed to facilitate young people who have a desire to work in the Entertainment Industry. We offer programs that are structured to improve, develop and cultivate their God given gifts and talents; by encouraging authentic collaboration to produce professional movies, music, stage plays, videos, television shows and/or web series.

Newest favorite quote : “Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you’ll be able to see further” ~ Thomas Carlyle

My "current" favorite quote:  

"From your dream to the screen, from the page to the stage...

making forward progress at any age." -DRB


DeAnna Brown, DreamArcher

DeAnna Brown is the Founder /DreamArcher of Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center Inc. She is an experienced Talent Coordinator, Film and Theatre Producer, including Acting and Directing, as well as writing and producing her first original play ‘Grandma’s’ in 2015. DeAnna has worked with young talented people for over 30 years; encouraging them to pursue their God given gifts and talents, believe in their dreams, and prosper in their purpose.  She has also served as the Youth Coordinator for the Juneteenth Art & Film Festival, as well as, the Host/MC of numerous Talent Showcases and events.  DeAnna is currently pursuing her mission as a Dream Archer, mentor and coach in the lives of the young ‘Arrows’ to inspire and encourage them to keep moving forward!

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DeAnna Brown receives the

Margret Ann Garza Actor of the Year Award 2018

Austin Revolution Film Festival

 2108 Winner DeAnna Brown in “Breaking Brokenness”