Forward Progress A&E

Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center Inc

Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization designed to facilitate young people who have a desire to work in the Entertainment Industry. We offer programs that are structured to improve, develop and cultivate their God given gifts and talents; by encouraging authentic collaboration to produce professional movies, music, stage plays, videos, television shows and/or web series.

Our mission is to "Encourage creative dreamers to become Authentic Artists" 

  Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) organization we are committed to facilitating principles that build self-esteem, encouraging personal and professional development, while inspiring the Arrows (participants) to become positive influences in our community.  By offering authentic collaboration opportunities and providing performance platforms, they are able to utilize their God-given gifts and talents to produce professional movies, music, stage plays, videos, television shows, web series and more; ultimately transforming the Industry into a balanced source of entertainment.


Our programs are designed to help the artist (Arrows) recognize and set their goals (targets), assist them in research and development, while providing opportunities to prepare, practice and perform.  We provide support for the traditional college student and non-tradition learner.  


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"What Is Love?" 

 A short film that depicts the effects of Domestic Violence in teen relationships. #AbuseIsNotLove #IfYouSeeSomething #SaySomething

Directed by: AndrewJacobi Jeter